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PapiPay is a Fintech company with a centralized back-end system serving as a Mobile Payment Processing Application (MPPA) and is a payment processor for ACH, Credit, and Debit transactions. The MPPA enables Mobile Payment Apps (MPAs) to connect to brick-and-mortar merchants and conduct secure and compliant financial transactions.

The PapiPay MPPA allows multiple mobile applications to be accepted at merchant locations connected to the PapiPay MPPA through a single connection to their POS system. The PapiPay MPPA provides mobile applications such as loyalty apps, financial apps, and existing merchant apps with functions to conduct payment transactions at brick-and-mortar locations. The PapiPay MPPA functions are provided to existing mobile applications via APIs and an SDK for developers to add the PapiPay MPPA functions and features to their applications.


Multiple Payment
PapiPay offers an iOS and Android MPA for consumers to conduct touchless and secure transactions at any brick-and-mortar merchants connected to the PapiPay MPPA. The PapiPay MPA is a live POC, Proof-of-Concept (POC) application that demonstrates PapiPay MPPA functionality.

The PapiPay MPA is a solution that provides independent merchants a similar mobile payment solution that branded merchants are provided by their parent/franchise companies. Functions of the PapiPay MPA included “Pay At Pump” and “Pay In Store,” along with a Cash Reward module that consumers can redeem during their transactions. PapiPay also offers a business MPA that enables businesses to send an invoice to a consumer’s MPA, and the consumer can pay the invoice using the functions of the MPA.


Delivering Solutions

The PapiPay MPPA solution was developed using a micro-service architecture hosted on Azure. The MPAs were developed using native iOS and Android development. The PapiPay MPPA utilizes Conexxus API standards for gas station and c-store systems connections. The MPPA and MPA solutions are designed to serve brick-and-mortar merchants across many industries, from gas stations, c-stores, QSRs, retail and service-originated operations.

PapiPay delivers its MPPA and MPA solutions through several combinations of methods, including integrated and white-labeled models. PapiPay operates a shared PapiPay MPPA that provides independent merchants with a low-cost solution for secure mobile payments; independent merchants can range from a single store to multistore operators.

Merchants using the shared PapiPay MPPA share customers, and all participate in the same “Cash Reward” program. Consumers can choose from the PapiPay MPA and any of the integrated mobile applications connected to the PapiPay MPPA to pay for their transactions at any of the brick-and-mortar merchants connected to the PapiPay MPPA.


Mobile PapiPay

PapiPay MPPA and MPA Delivery Models


PapiPay MPA connected to PapiPay MPPA


Integrated MPA connected to PapiPay MPPA


White Labeled PapiPay MPA connected to PapiPay MPPA


Integrated MPA connected to White Labeled PapiPay MPPA


White Labeled PapiPay MPA connected to White Labeled PapiPay MPPA

The Ecosystem

Shared Community Defined:


  • Stores
  • Consumers
  • Cash rewards


PapiPay MPPA – Shared app, integration, and white label with the PapiPay Community.

Company White Label MPPA – Company integrated app that is shared with the White Labeled Community.

MPPA GDS – Master connector between company stores, app stores, and consumers in the Community.

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