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Competitive Solutions for the Convenience Community

PapiPay provides gas stations with the best product offerings found in larger, branded mobile applications. The result is traffic driven to your site, increased ticket size, repeat business, analytics, and more.

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Multiple Payment
Multiple Payment
Multiple Payment

Build Loyalty by Giving Customers What They Want

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When you become a PapiPay client, you gain both buying power and customer loyalty. PapiPay does not require hardware technology upgrades at the dispenser. The technology is designed to work with most pay-at-the-pump systems. You also have the ability to create reward programs that appeal to your target audience.

PapiPay’s functionality allowing customers to choose their payment method from inside their car is a convenience that most people appreciate. Additionally, contactless payment options are becoming more prevalent as consumers are now paying closer attention to the transmission of germs. When you choose PapiPay, you align your business with the changing behaviors of consumers.

Always Improving

We are proud to announce that our latest app update includes support for Apple watch functions. You may now use your watch to “Pay At Pump” or “Pay In Store.”

Multiple Payment
Multiple Payment
Multiple Payment

PapiPay helps reduce credit card fees by promoting ACH and reducing chargeback liabilities.



Our PCI-compliant app only stores data on a secure AWS, reducing skimming and fraud from traditional pay-at-the-pump methods.

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Easily prevent lost sales from dispensers without chip readers and help grow your business with money saved on credit card fees.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

With PapiPay level 1 and 2, we will assist you with boarding your new technology and continue to provide ongoing support.

Why PapiPay?

PapiPay’s mobile application offers the convenience community the ability to gain buying power and remain competitive enterprise players.


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This is a better mousetrap for convenience stores to accept payments and receive value-added benefits for steering customers thru the application instead of paying-at-the-pump. In the future, more brands will try to gain market share by using credit card processing as a loss leader and subsidizing the loss by charging a premium for fuel. PapiPay can get you ahead of this curve.

Be a Merchant at Papipay

The Most Convenient Way to

  • Choose your payment option directly from your phone.
  • Earn instant cashback and rewards.
  • The latest tokenization solutions protect your data.
  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent charges.
  • Find participating merchants near you.
  • Monitor your account online.