Mobile Payments

Mobile Loyalty Programs

Consumers and merchants stay ahead of the curve when using PapiPay’s mobile payments. Instead of using chip readers at the pump, consumers are able to choose their desired payment method before even getting out of the car. Users can earn cashback and rewards, as well as monitor their accounts anytime and anywhere. Merchants can choose one of more of the following reward systems to create their own unique program, including:


  • Fuel Rewards
  • Brand Dollars
  • Surprise & Delight
  • Points

Users can choose which reward system “punch card” they would like to display on their homepage. All merchants have to do is set the product or group of products, their value, and a threshold. Rewards can be customized as well and may include fuel, free or discounted products, brand cash (tender), third-party value, and instant coupons. Merchants can set limits on redemptions and prompting, providing a fully-customizable application to build loyalty.

image of rewards screen

Mobile Processing 


Consumer adds ACH to the PapiPay MMPA


Through PLAID, the consumer logs directly into online banking to choose an account


PapiPay retrieves the account information


PapiPay stores information in the Vault and creates an encrypted token as a profile


PapiPay creates an encrypted Nacha file using the token to upload to FNBO.