Credit Card and ACH Processing


While PapiPay does provide credit card services, we help reduce fees associated with credit card processing by promoting ACH, and reducing chargebacks, fees, and liabilities. As a PCI-compliant application, our app minimizes the risk of skimming and fraud by only storing data on a secure AWS and promoting contactless payments.
Our ACH Complaince includes:


  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Risk Management
  • Proof of Authorization (POA)
  • Plaid Integrations for Consumer Validation
  • Instant Account validation
  • Verification of Receiver’s Identity
  • Verification of Routing Numbers
  • Elimination of Invalid Account Info
  • Notification of Change
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Our Issuing Partner, FNBO

Ranking among the 15 largest ACH Originators in the nation, First National Bank of Omaha remains our trusted issuing partner for ACH transactions. They have developed expertise in serving ACH Originators with compliance, regulatory risk, and operational complexities. FNBO has established relationships with several companies that offer payment capture channels across a wide range of industries.

FNBO Operates as a Customer-Led Organization Across Three Customer Segments:


  • Business Customer Segment
  • Individual Customer Segment
  • Partnership Segment
Mobile PapiPay

Credit Card Options

By connecting to the mobile wallet, PapiPay customers have the freedom to choose from various payment options.

American Express
American Express
American Express