PapiPay Beginnings

Nov 3, 2021

Welcome to PapiPay. Where you can Pay at the Pump or Inside. Recently, society has grown accustomed to contactless payments, and chip readers have become essential at gasoline dispensers. As a result, smaller c-store owners have had difficulty keeping up with the competition.

At PapiPay, we envision leveling the playing field for smaller businesses, enabling them to retain customers with easy, contactless transactions that do not require new equipment. PapiPay also encourages customer loyalty with potential rewards.

We partnered with myheartcreative to develop a website that makes it easy for merchants and customers to use. Both can access their accounts online, and consumers can find participating stores online. Our app is the latest in technology that fits a growing demand, and this demand will only grow. Contact us to get ahead of the curve.

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