Favorite Features

Secure and Simple Payments

By connecting to the mobile wallet, PapiPay customers have the freedom to choose from various payment options. Additionally, secure, contactless payments help reduce the risk of skimming at the pump.

PapiPay also creates a competitive convenience community by decreasing expenses from chargebacks, fees, liabilities, and equipment replacement.

American Express
American Express
American Express
Find Merchants

Find Merchants

The app allows consumers to find all of the PapiPay merchants that are available nearby.

Rewards and Loyalty

Merchants create loyalty and reward programs while customers enjoy their financial incentives.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

PapiPay uses interchange management to reduce merchants’ credit card fees, saving you money.

Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment

Consumers use the app to conveniently pay inside or at the pump, keeping accounts secure.
No Equipement Upgrade

No Equipment Upgrade

PapiPay allows consumers to pay at the pump without having to install chip reading equipment.

Latest Technology

Latest Technology

Built on Microsoft Azure, we used the most recent technology to create this multifunctional app.


The PapiPay app is 100% PCI compliant. Additionally, contactless pay decreases fraud.
Easy Integration

Seamless Integration

PapiPay level 1 and 2 will assist you with the boarding of your technology and provide support.

Merchants & Customers

Level the Merchant Playing Field

PapiPay is connecting c-store owners with clients thru mobile payments. Whether processing a pay-at-the-pump transaction or by scanning a QR-code for inside sales, PapiPay enables each consumer to select his or her payment method of choice to complete a contactless transaction. As a result of this streamlined tender, consumers will be attracted to return to your in-network store, to redeem PapiPay bucks towards his or her next transaction. Our technology does not require additional hardware and gives merchants the ability to lower your credit card processing fees by utilizing our technology.

PapiPay is more than a simple app. Our finetech solutions include integrated MPA, integrated MPPA, white labeling, and more. Our technology creates a real-time line of sight for merchant back-end management, loyalty/rewards redemption, real-time transaction monitoring, merchant forecasting, and a business management tool.